Cartridge Type seals available :

Cartridge Seal Program :

Ĝ     CTX - Single cartridge seals  ( All sizes ex stock )

Ĝ     CTX - Double cartridge seals

Ĝ     CTX - big bore ANSI single and double cartridge seals

Ĝ     Universal design that fits most pumps

Ĝ     Balanced, Multispring staionary design

Ĝ     High Quality Pressureles sintered silicon carbide faces ( SSIC )

Ĝ     A very cost effective cartridge seal solution

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Cartridge seal data

Engineered Cartridge seals available :

Engineered Cartridge Seals :

Ĝ     Engineered single cartridge seals for new pumps and conversions

Ĝ     Engineered double cartridge seals made suit any application

Ĝ     High Pressure cartridge seals for Boiler Feed Pump applications 

Ĝ     Slurry pump cartridge seals for the Mining Industry

Ĝ    We can design, manufacture and build any cartridge seal for your application.

Ĝ     We measure up your pump, look at your operating conditions and design
        a seal to suit your application

Ĝ     Special seal designs made with high internal clearances capable of handling big shaft runouts

We use the latest technology and materials to design a cartridge type seal to improve your pump reliability
and reduce your running costs.

Phone the mechanical seal Hotline  for service on : 0419 859 174